Hereditary building right

Hereditary building right

The hereditary building right, also called the right of hereditary lease of estate property, is a right that is subject to the legal regime of land plots, which usually promotes the hereditary builder on a land plot that falls under this right in the construction of a building, using it, selling or transferring it by inheritance. Accordingly, as a rule, a person who falls under the influence of inheritance law is compensated in the form of a hereditary lease. Simply put, it’s about the form of “leasing”. The basis for the hereditary building right is the Hereditary building right Law.

Land plots that fall under the hereditary building right law in the village of Goldstein we have gained experience and can provide you with optimal advice from sellers and buyers. Accordingly, one of our competencies is the evaluation of the hereditary building right.

We are also very familiar with the grounds of the hereditary building right. This is a long-term transfer of the right to use, which is often concluded for a period of 99 years, but nevertheless a shorter period is also provided. This is taken into account when the appropriate use of estate property should be held without selling it, because after the termination hereditary building right, the land plot will be used in a different way and until then land property should be preserved. An example of this can be found in churches or cities, but also individuals provide the corresponding hereditary building right.

We will be pleased to assist you in the sale, valuation or justification of the hereditary building rights.

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